Brand New Luxury Vinyl Plank Collection from Beaulieu

Luxury vinyl plank from Beaulieu can handle heavy traffic under foot! It is constructed with a tough wear, core layer and the vinyl plank is stain resistant. The decorative sheets under the wear layer have been chosen with the discerning consumer in mind. The visuals offer a great selection mimicking today’s colour and flooring trends in mind. With such a realistic picture, it is difficult to the naked eye to see the difference from real wood floors when comparing to the vinyl planks.

Simple installation of the vinyl planks is another added benefit of this new line. It can go over most previously installed floors and substrates within reason. Some of the vinyl planks and tiles are available with the Unilin locking system making installation of this product easier for the DIY crowd. Beaulieu also offers a full line of trims to finish and properly transition the vinyl plank to give it a professionally finished look. The Luxury vinyl plank collection can be installed on all 3 grade levels in a home. When installed correctly, the vinyl planks can have up to a 30 year life span. There are also many commercials settings where vinyl planks can be used. With the vinyl planks can be installed in areas with high humidity and moisture making it great alternative for use in the basement or cottage near water.

As for maintaining this luxury vinyl floor product, a soft brushed vacuum or sweep regularly. Mopping with water and mild detergent is all it takes to keeping is looking as great as the first day installed!

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  1. Tex Hooper
    Tex Hooper says:

    Great tip about getting a locking system for your planks. My flooring needs to be ripped up and replaced. I’ll have to consider getting a contractor with the right tools.

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