Don’t worry…its SmartStrand!

There are many carpet fibers in the market with all claiming to be the best. But how do you choose what is best for you and your family?

SmartStrand® a carpet fiber in a class of its own. No other carpet fiber has a built in stain resistance feature. That’s right; it will never wash or wear off the fiber. It is for those oops moments in your life. All you need is water to treat the stain saving you the need from using harsh or abrasive cleaners.

Worried about durability? Just from their slogan: “tough enough for kids, pets, rhinos and elephants.” we get the impression that Mohawk has tested and proven their claim on durability. Mohawk put the fiber through a serious of vigorous tests including the Smartstrand challenge- carpeting a rhino enclosure at the Birmingham zoo. The rhino enjoyed his carpeted enclosure for 2 weeks. The carpet was then washed with water. The Smartstrand® fiber held up to its claims.

When consumers where surveyed in 2010, not only did they comment on the durability and warranties on their new carpet, many raved about the softness under your feet! When asked if they would consider repurchasing SmartStrand® 98% responded yes.

Panagos Flooring fully supports this product, and why not… We have yet to have a claim against this product for any reason. Just smiles!

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