Floor Innovations, The Wave by Preverco

With new technology comes new innovation. Flooring has come a long way in production, product, and environment friendliness. Wave© texture, an innovative hardwood floor is manufactured by Preverco, a North American industry leader. Preverco is a mill based out of Quebec. They are truly innovative both in the looks they create and their manufacturing process.

Today’s consumers have travelled the world and bring back new ideas of what they would like to have in their homes. Preverco has been listening! Once again they have created a sought out look in their new design. Wave texture was born in South America out of the hands of skilled craftsmen who would plain and polish the wood. It is reminiscent of the waves that ripple on islands beaches. It is a calming gentle effect in a room. It adds texture without overpowering. You are able to mix this flooring look with contemporary, modern or traditional décor. It enhances todays eclectic design motifs. Preverco has enhanced their product line by recreating the new Wave texture in 16 rich stains in a new trend setting look.

Preverco prides itself on its reputation of high quality, dependable delivery and excellent customer service. For more information visit www.preverco.com

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