Tile flooring and backsplash for that kitchen reno!

It is quite the event. Your decide to redo the kitchen and instantaneously you are hit with 100’s of different ideas. One general style sits in your head and you envision the look over and over. At this point customers have gathered most of their ideas from magazines and TV shows. Circulating from different homes of their friends they can vividly piece together what they are looking for.

Question that most customers ask:

why can’t I find what I am looking for?

We often spend too much time looking for that special tile and as a consumer we are looking for that certain price. What we have to remember is that flooring companies order whats hot and happening in the industry or what is being offered at bulk discounts. They buy in bulk and focus sales on those products.

Our process is simple, we look at your design needs and help you distinguish between the option of bulk products and personal orders to build the design to spec and budget.

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