Lauzon®…Forest to Floor!

“Linear, monochromatic, surprising and moving. A true evolution in wood flooring.” Line art is breathtaking! It has a unique look as a result of the finishing technique used by Lauzon®. The floor offers the discerning consumer a rich and textured look. Lauzon’s Line Art Collection is available in 5 hot colours working with today’s modern pallet.

The collection is made with Lauzon FSC-certified Canadian hard maple from their own responsible managed forests. Lauzon’s commitment to the environment is long standing. They truly have evolved since their inception. Here is what they are doing:

  • They have guaranteed access to renewable raw materials.
  • They have invested in state of the art finishing facilities enabling them to create a finish that is solvent free, VOC free and formaldehyde free allowing them to continue their commitment to the environment.
  • They have purchased facilities to enable them to convert wood residue into recycled energy diverting waste to the landfills.

Go to Lauzon to see the extraordinary Canadian Hard Maple Line Art Collection! On sale now!

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