Magic Fresh…Let your Carpet do the Work!

Wondering how to minimize the odours left from cooking or from your pet having an “oops” moment?

Magic Fresh® treated carpet does just that. It is an odour reducing formula applied to carpet fibres during the manufacturing process. That’s right! You do not need to reapply the formula since it is embedded into the carpet. It neutralizes unpleasant odours by releasing them as a harmless carbon dioxide into the air. We can best understand it by comparing it to the way baking soda neutralizes your refrigerator. The benefit with Magic Fresh® is that you do not have to change the box!

Magic Fresh® is exclusively available on Beaulieu Carpets. There is a vast array of textures and styles to suite the discerning consumer. The colours are vibrant and appealing to today’s pallet preferences. Magic fresh® has been added to Bliss Stainmaster® carpet. Not only do you get the superior protection from staining, soiling and static resistance offered by Stainmaster® carpet, you get the value added feature of Magic Fresh® at no additional cost. Bliss carpet also offers the exclusive “No Questions Asked Warranty.” For more information you can check out

Magic fresh®…its doggone amazing!

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