Mannington Laminate-Beautiful and Livable!

Panagos Flooring is proud to carry Mannington’s Restoration Collection laminate. Mannington’s laminate collection combines today’s technology with the beauty of yesterday in their restoration products! This source of laminate offers a realistic visual, combined with a 12mm high density core board in a 6” wide trendy format. The overall look of the restoration collection laminate is breath taking.

Laminate is a great option for most flooring solutions. It is durable, affordable and a fraction of the cost of a real floor. Today’s manufacturers use high end digital technology to take images of real wood, stone and ceramic floors. They then transfer the visual of the real floor onto the core boards and apply protective wear layers onto the visual. In Mannington’s case, they only use high density boards adding to the durability of the product.

Laminate floors are easy to clean, resist stains and fading. Laminate floors are scratch resistant for those unexpected times. Mannington offers finishing trims to provide you with that high end completed project at a discounted price. Make Panagos Flooring your source for your next flooring purchase?

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