Mannington’s LockSolid Technology

Mannington steps up the competition, innovation and design in new products that just make sense! Their new Luxury Vinyl Tile gives Mannington a huge leap in front of its competitors, surpassing expectations of its customers; innovation with a guarantee!

Warm to the touch, resilient and best of all no adhesive needed. It’s Mannington’s response to consumer feedback. Adura®, Mannington’s LVT is available in today’s sought out stone, tile, wood and linear designs. There is a vast array of colour selections available.

Mannington differentiates them with their newly patented LockSolid™ technology, first to arrive in its warm wood planked products and later to be added to its tile format. The LockSolid™ technology is similar to the locking system on laminate flooring. The LockSolid™ is integrated in the LVT thus, minimizing the chance for it to come apart. Mannington is so certain in its technology that is offering an industry first no-gap warranty for 20 years. It is the perfect choice for a do it yourself project. The new technology for the LVT allows you the option to install it in large open areas. It is guaranteed not to buckle or fall apart.

Installation of LockSolid™ planks is quick and easy simply by aligning and rotating planks into place. “No glue, no muss, no fuss.” For more information check out

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