Moisture Bringing you Down?

Moisture is often a problem in a home especially when it comes to flooring. It can lead to serious issues in the long term if the chosen product is not suitable for its intended use. An all too often question that comes up involves moisture and selecting available products.

Do you have any area in your home that has moisture issues and you are uncertain as to how to finish the floor?  Why not consider Press Lock® a click vinyl plank flooring system that is waterproof! It is a great solution for basement applications, kitchens and bathrooms. The core will not absorb moisture or swell. Press Lock® has an easy installation system and is great for the weekend renovator. The planks simply click together. The product does not require an underlayment system.

Worried about the environment, Press Lock® is made out of 85% recycled content. It is a durable non fading alternate product; making installation simple and hassle free in the long run.  For more information visit!

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