HEALTHIER CHOICE…Premium Carpet Cushion & Acoustic Solutions

Selecting a new carpet is always troubling. Decisions, decisions, decisions! You are confronted with a massive selection to sort through and then bam! The sales person asks, “what about the cushion?”. Simply put, just another dilemma that you will have to make a decision on and live with for the life of the carpet.

So what is the most important decision when purchasing your new carpet? It is the cushion that goes under it! Your cushion choice affects the feel and durability of your new carpet. Healthier choice is a premium under cushion that enhances the longevity of your carpet’s performance and feels great under foot.

Healthier Choice is a Premium Carpet Cushion supplier priding itself in quality. Healthier Choice is so sure of its product that it offers you a no worry warranty. It is a lifetime warranty to the original purchaser. The cushion will not break down under your carpet. With its visco-elasticity properties, the cushion offers a “memory foam” feature and high resiliency preventing premature wear. The moisture block on the cushion allows it to breathe and prevents the absorption of spills from permeating the cushion. The producers of Healthier choice have gone one step further and have added the Ultra-fresh antimicrobial protection preventing the growth of mold, mildew and odors.

Greenguard has given Healthier Choice the gold standard for indoor air quality with the lowest VOC emissions on cushions in the industry as a safe product for asthmatics.

The company had lessened their burden on the environment by using renewable soy-based bio materials making it a LEED credit approved product. All post waste from production is recycled.

Healthier Choice… your superior cushion choice!

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