Quick Tips to Maintain your Floors!

Invested in the perfect flooring solution for your home? Here are a few tips that are quick and affordable to fit your busy schedule that will maintain your floor in the long run with little headaches.  After all, it is all about the new floor!

We all know floors need to be cleaned regularly to maintain their appearance thus appropriate cleaning solutions should be used for different types of floors. To begin, all spills should be wiped or blotted right away.   This will avoid those hard to remove stains from settling in. Felt furniture protectors are inexpensive and help avoid unnecessary dents from heavy furniture on hard surface flooring.

Always remember to lift appliances or heavy furniture to avoid tears or gauges on the floors. This is particularly important when a vinyl, hardwood or laminate floor is in question.   These heavy items can be placed on a clean sheet of ¼” plywood.

Take care to use proper vacuum accessories.  Soft accessory attachments are to be used for hard surface flooring and beater bars only for carpeted areas.  We strongly recommend that you use outside doormats at all entry doors to your home. Doormats are an excellent idea to prevent dirt, grit and asphalt stains on your floors.  Take care, to use proper sealers on the drive way to avoid stains from being tracked on the floors

By taking the time to follow these tips, your flooring investment will give you great satisfaction! Stay tuned for future posts on tips to maintaining your floor.

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