The Fifth Wall in Your Home!

Do you want to make a good first impression or an exceptional one? It is all about the tone you set when someone walks in. Your life, your style! Time to be creative in your everyday living space!

The area rug brings together the look of a room. It is the accessory that polishes off the perfect outfit. In today’s global world, anything goes. There is no perfect rule. You can mix together patterns, styles and tones. How about a punch of colour to make a statement?

Area rugs do not only finish a room they define a room’s space and help with the flow for many of today’s open concept rooms. Area rugs help reduce the sound in a room with hard surface flooring. They also provide comfort under foot.

Not sure about the size, designers recommend a three foot border away from walls creating a frame. If an area rug is needed in a dining room, four feet is recommended around the table to allow the chairs to properly slide.

Does a pre-manufactured rug not fit? How about a custom made one. Many of today’s suppliers offer a wide array of textures, friezes, tip shred carpets that can be custom tailored to fit your room’s specifications.

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