Wall to Wall Flooring

Yet again we find today’s conscientious consumers have started driving an old trend of carpeting a room with a new twist! Carpeting a room wall to wall is back with more advantages, designs and flexibility. The reasoning behind it all? Not only is carpet priced right, but it has added value, coming a long way in its overall desired designed look and feel.

Today’s designers are using wall to wall carpeting as a focal point in a room rather than a neutral that will blend in. Carpet is available in bold colours, textures as a result of manufacturing processes that allow shearing and looping to create that third dimension in a room.

Today’s consumer can select from floral, pin dot and geometric patterns. If softness underfoot is desired, soft loose friezes are a great solution and are all the rage.

How about a sprinkle of colour rather than pattern? Blends of coloured carpet fiber are used to create this look. It softness up the space and is a great way to hide potential stains.

When thinking what carpet to use, pick up a few magazines and see the trends. Visit your local flooring store to see what is in store, available and applicable to your needs!

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