Warm Underfoot! Warm Floors Made Simple…

Imagine walking up in the morning and stepping on a toasty warm floor… Nuheat has been an industry leader in heated floor systems since 1989.

Heated floors is not only limited to tiled products. It can be used under engineered wood, laminate, cork, tile and stone. It is a clean soundless alternate to traditional forced air heated options. It gives you the option to heat the area to a “just right” temperature allowing individual control over the room’s heat output. Are you thinking programmable thermostats? Your ensuite floor and shower bed can be pre-programed to be heated right before its usage, warming your feet first thing in the morning. Nuheat even has a cable system that can be used on shower benches to give you the ultimate shower experience during those cold winter mornings.

Nuheat is a radiant zone heating product allowing for clean living. Nuheat does not generate dust or other air born pollutants keeping the air you breathe healthier and reducing allergens for asthmatics. It can also be used as an alternate energy efficient heat source controlled room by room. Heated mats are available in standard sizes with custom options available.

Why not consider “warming your sole” next time you are considering a new floor.

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