Welcome to Spring KW!

Spring has finally sprung forward! With spring comes new beginnings and our new lines are arriving daily. Is it time for an update to your wardrobe for spring? Here at Panagos Flooring we can tell you that with all the new styles and designs available, you’re flooring and walls are definitely due for an update! Let’s just say you can be the first to have the new and in style look!

Casa Roma has launched one of their largest updates in recent years. Venetian crystal tiles made from onyx, metallic finishes and metals giving the mosaic glass a distinctive and unique design look. Gold foiled glass mixed with glass stone mosaic will make any backsplash eluminate! High polished porcelain tiles are all the rage. You can install them stacked, staggered or on a diagonal. The floor tiles are also available in matching wall tiles and random strip mosaics to finish the look. Glass cracked Ice tiles (crackled glass) also make for an interesting backsplash or architectural finish to a space that you would like to draw attention to.

Splash and bling not your style? How about something subtle. Corn silk, russet, latte all colours of the new porcelain stoneware floor tile line.

Have you noticed your floors and walls need some sprucing up? Come by and take a look at what is new!

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